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What is Zetadeck?
This space sim, whose 3d engine is currently in development, wants to cover the lacks that the other space simulators have.

When I began to develop this space simulator I had the following objectives:
1-A particular use of the coordinate system, so that it can manage a whole universe of thousand million of km with a perfect resolution
2-Planets and stars shown big as they are in reality.
3-The possibility to explore planets and land on them. Thanks to the news features of the graphic engine it will be possible to show realistic landscapes full of planetary elements with a resolution that increases according to the proximity... Have you ever dreamt of a space simulator where you can see the life and the nature evolving in a realistic approach, see the creation of intelligent creatures?
4-The engine will also be able to manage close environments so that you can explore the interior of buildings or the inner decks of bigger spaceships.
5-Some ships will have the pecularity to be multi-transformable in robots so to increase the realism and the fun while exploring or fighting with other mechas.

With Zetadeck the space gamers' dream comes true...

Here you can find some screenshots of Zetadeck. Please have a look at the graphic improvement in comparison to my old images. At the moment I am working to include volumetric fog, 3d clouds and Bézier "smoothed" surfaces.









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